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“Here we have the second single from Kiwi/Aussie duo Bird Machine, and if the debut is anything like this then I can see I need to check it out..... I only hope these guys come up to Auckland soon as this is a wonderful number packed with hooks which invites the listener closely in. Great stuff.” Rating: ( 5 / 5 )


“You really do get a sense of this connection in the song, especially through their intimately blended harmonies. It adds a synergistic feel that gives it an extra layer of likeability.....A rich and powerful sound that comes packaged with an array of folk/alt-rock instrumentation and a substantial amount of feeling."

“With lyrics that comment on new media and algorithms designed to keep our attention the track is a thought-provoking listening experience. Filled with beautiful harmonies, sweet melodies and intricate guitar embellishments ‘Our Kind’ is a passionate display of musicianship from Bird Machine. "

“Hamilton’s Bird Machine is giving us warm and fuzzies on the video for their new single ‘Our Kind’.....We like what we see and hear and can’t wait for Bird Machine’s next move. Go Check this duo out.”

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