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Band Bio


Bird Machine is a band formed by husband and wife Luke and Jenna Grbin, hailing from Australia and New Zealand. Their music combines elements of early 90s alt-rock, dreampop, and folk, wrapped up in plush pop melodies. Their lyrics are commentative and introspective, layered over vocals accompanied by guitars, keys, and syncopated beats. They write, perform, record, and produce their music in their home studio in New Zealand, combining their individual musical talents and influences.

They released their self-titled debut EP on November 25th, featuring five tracks, including the popular single “Our Kind,” which reached the Top 11 on Dunedin’s Radio One Chart. Within in their first year, The band has already achieved notable milestones, including 4 singles, 20 shows, 15 radio interviews and 28 press features. The’ve attracted over 21,000 unique listeners from 94 countries and were added to over 200 playlists. They are currently recording their follow-up record with their latest release "Hellos and Frowns" (July 2023) introducing their new batch of songs to be released over the remainder of the year.


Bird Machine’s live band consists of the husband and wife duo, with the addition of drummer Coleman and bassist Summer.

With their distinctive sound, personal lyrics, and dedicated work ethic, Bird Machine continues to captivate audiences and leave their mark in the music industry, steadily growing their fan base with each new release.

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