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Band Bio


Late in 2021, husband and wife Jenna and Luke Grbin began writing together. Discovering how to converge their distinct musical sensibilities has led to a torrent of songs and the development of a signature, dreamy rock and pop aesthetic. Bird Machine listeners can hear a love for 80s underground subgenres, for the alt-rock revolution of the 90s, and for singer-songwriter poignance. Everything is bound together with a healthy dose of pop melodicism, as well as lyrics both commentative and introspective.

They are constantly building an audience, with each release receiving healthy radioplay and streams on Spotify. Their eponymous debut EP was released in November 2022. Among the five tracks is the popular single “Our Kind”, which charted in Dunedin’s Radio One Top 11. Their latest single Closure, made number one on LifeFM’s YouChart, and was in the top three most played tracks on LifeFM for the month of November (according to

Gigging prolifically, Bird Machine have performed live at high-profile events, like Geelong’s (Aust.) Catwalk4Cancer, as opening act for Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox and performing at New Zealand Music festivals such as Sanctuary Sounds Festival and Taranaki's Festival of Lights. 

With enough material up their sleeves for multiple future records, Bird Machine are set to release their sophomore record in February 2024. Outside the studio, they play live with their drummer Coleman Strother and bassist Summer Walmsley. With their distinctive sound, personal lyrics, and dedicated work ethic, Bird Machine continues to captivate audiences and leave their mark on the music industry.

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